He Laughed When He Was Approached By His Insurance Man… Until He Made A Claim… 


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"Who Else Wants To Live With  
Complete Peace of Mind?" 


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~ Heaven Forbid, But It Could Happen. ~

If you are looking for some kinds of insurance in Singapore, this all-in-one website is specially set up with YOU in mind. It's for YOUR insurance needs - yourself, your family, your business, your assets.

We want to help you find the information you want about insurance in one website, QUICKLY and EASILY.

You Deserve To Live With
Complete Peace of Mind.

After all, you work so hard to own what you have in life and to provide for your loved ones. You are well-prepared to take on any challenges in work and in life. 
It is natural that you want to see them there for as long as you want to, don't you?

Are You Taking Chances
When It Comes To Protecting
What You Have and Treasure Today? 
We all know well that life often holds surprises that could lead to the disruption of our lives as well as the lives of those we love. 
There are all kinds of risks, and they are everywhere. 
"If You Have To Go To Work
After Getting Out Of Your Bed
Each Day,

You Can’t Afford To Risk Too Much."
What Risks Are We Talking About? 
"Sickness and Accident
Respect No Man."
It is difficult to foresee and prevent accidents and illnesses. Here we are not only talking about ourself. There are our loved ones, our properties, our assets, our workers, etc. And in any case, we are exposing ourselves to financial dangers whether you realize it or not. 
What Is The Question Now? 
"Are You Risking Too Much
For Too Little?"
Be it an accident or an illness, a fire or a theft, mishaps do happen. And they cost money. 
Sometimes, a lot of money. 
Every 'Insurance Man' you have met, every financial planner you have talked to, every article on the newspapers and magazines you have read, has told you that... 
  • you were the money-printing machine,

  • there were dreams you have (or have not) fulfilled,

  • how much money you were going to make in the future,

  • you needed to secure what you have achieved so far,

  • you needed to secure your earning ability. 

You Need To Secure Your Past,
Your Present, and Your Future.
They said, "You Need Insurance!" 
The Next Question: 
"What Is Insurance?" 
“Insurance is nothing more than the lucky fellow subsidizing the unlucky fellow.
And the lucky fellow
 is happy 
to subsidize
the unlucky fellow for being lucky.”
~ Khaw Boon Wan 
I truly love the way our Minister has put it! 
"Do You Need Insurance?
What Can Insurance Do For You?
  • If you are RICH...
    ...the richer you are, the more you stand to lose.
  • If you are NOT RICH...
    ...the more you can’t afford NOT to have insurance.
  • If you are an INDIVIDUAL...
    ...insurance actually provides you financial stability. When unfortunate events occur, you can look at the bright side knowing that your loss will be compensated. That means your finances will not be drained, and you and your family’s financial stability will not be undermined. You will still be able to keep your present lifestyle and your future plans can remain intact.
  • If you own a BUSINESS...
    ...insurance can be a positive stimulus to your business activities knowing you are financially protected against many forms of risk. The need for you to put aside a large sum of money to pay for potential losses largely disappears. You are more willing to invest and expand your business venture.
Knowing You Are Insured 
Gives You Peace of Mind. 
Peace of Mind is PRICELESS! 
Now that you know Peace of Mind is knowing every part of your life is well taken care of. But, 
How Do You Know How Well
(or How Complete)
 You Are Covered? 
Recent surveys have revealed that many Singaporeans are under-insured. 
Not only that, they either do not know 
  1. what kind of insurance they already have, or 
  2. what kind of insurance they need to have. 
"It’s good to know what you know
or/and what
  you don’t know.

It may be cute if you don’t know
what you know.

If You Don’t Know
What You Don’t Know, 
Just when you thought you have enough insurance... 
When You Don't Know
What You Don't Know
(or Don't Have), 
It Can Hurt You. 
You Are At Your Own Risk! 
Many of us have at least one type of insurance - to protect someone you loved or some assets you treasure most - but never really consider the other types of insurance without the subject being presented to us. 
You could be having certain types of insurance plans yet are missing a few key aspects when it comes to a WHOLE and COMPLETE insurance portfolio. 
Your life insurance agent is not likely to suggest the services of a general insurance agent, and vice versa. 
What this could mean is that: 
You Are Missing Some Extremely Valuable Coverage That You May Not Be Aware Of. 
Your Life, Your Health, Your Family,
Your Business,
 Your Assets,
or Your Legal Liabilities...
Every Aspect of Your Life
Needs To Be Insured.

"Are You Adequately
(Totally) Covered?"
Your life insurance agent and your general insurance agent, separately, may not present you or provide you with complete insurance coverage for every area your life. This is where Total Insurance Planning (TIP) comes into play. 
Before You Have
A Complete Peace Of Mind,
You Need To Have
A Total Insurance Planning (TIP).
Examine your currently existing insurance portfolio. If you have any questions or concerns about the type and amount of coverage you currently have, feel free to contact us. We will provide you with neutral advice with regard to the insurance policies you have and may need to complete your insurance portfolio and create a total insurance portfolio for all of life’s unforeseeable events.

"No one plans to fail. Many fails to plan." 
"If we fail to plan, we plan to fail." 
Never Risk What You HAVE Today
To Get What You WANT Tomorrow.
TIP can do that for you - Protect What You Have TODAY So That You Can Concentrate On Getting What You Want TOMORROW. 
All you need is to start today. Know the TIP - Total Insurance Planning. Do the TIP. 
"Never Risk Too Much For Too Little!" 

"Would You Prefer
To Pay A Small and Known Amount,
or A BIG and UNKNOWN Amount?"
The Choice is YOURS! 
We won’t try to sell you insurance. 
What we would like to do is to share with you some knowledge and understanding about Total Insurance Planning that includes maximizing your dollars, reducing your taxes, providing you a complete insurance protection as well as reducing or eliminating your liabilities. 
We hope that the next time you are reviewing your existing coverage, or are considering taking up additional protection, your choice of insurance - for personal or business - is clearer. 
How Can You Make Certain
Your Family Will Be Able
To Keep Your Home
and/or Your Business
If You Are Not With Them? 
Don't Take Chances With Your Financial Future. 
if YOU aren't worth protecting, what is? 
if YOUR FAMILY isn't worth protecting, what is? 
if YOUR ASSETS aren't worth protecting, what is? 
if YOUR BUSINESS isn't worth protecting, what is? 
Insurance Is Important,
And It Can Be Quite Urgent.
You may be tempted to put off major decisions about insurance. Yet those decisions are vital to the continued well-being of your family and business. A delayed decision now could result in serious financial difficulties in the future. 
Call us to find out how quickly, easily and inexpensive to get yourself protected against most of the ‘what ifs’ in life. It could be the most important phone call of your life. 
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Be Insurance-Wise. 
Just One TIP
(Total Insurance Planning)
You Can Have It...
Complete Peace Of Mind.

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It May Cost You A Lot If You Don't.
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